Swedish architects UMA have come up with the ingenious idea.


Hence, ulf mejergren architects (UMA) believe it possible to create a unique public space that would increase the attractiveness of the Stockholm city.

In Stockholm's hipster district of Södermalm, the pool will be available for inhabitants and tourists. UMA believe it would help improve the area's appearance, which would block out the unsightly motorway below that currently dominates the waterfront, replacing it with an immersive experience including spectacular views of the Baltic Sea.

"It would be a statement for what Stockholm wants to be in the future. An investment in public spaces that shows a city that it is generous and including, with ambitions to be something extra. We propose an infinity pool that stretches from the central northern part of Södermalm, called Slussen, all the way to eastern point of the island, a span of more than one kilometer, that will be built just outside of the existing railing and that will also block out the mundane view of the motorway below that occupies most of the waterfront today along with infrastructure for large cruise ships," said the firm.

When bathing in the Stockholm Infinity Pool, the immersing water will feel like it connects with the Baltic Sea below, this while having unmatched views of Stockholm while bathing or taking a morning swim. The SIP will be a great attraction, for both tourists and locals and will be a relaxed environment for visitors and natives to meet.

With a place like this, Stockholm can go toe to toe with some of the most popular destinations in Europe, and the increase in tourism will solely be able to fund the pool.

"The pool water is pumped from the Baltic Sea via a small treatment plant beside one of the cruise terminals on the dock. The pool is heated with waste heat, and in some parts it is possible to take a comfortable bath during spring and autumn as well. During winter time, the water level is dropped so it can be used for ice skating.

The load bearing structure is made out of a repetitive console structure of steel that is bolted to the bedrock behind. The pool modules is made out of concrete and is lifted with crane upon the steel console and is then secured. Dressing rooms, showers and saunas are located under the pool so the view remains unobstructed from street level."

This means that the load bearing structure will also get a function and the visitors gets the opportunity to see the exciting space under the pool.

July 8, 2017 Living photo: UMA

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