There's a new restaurant in town with a greenhouse at its heart! 


Right in the center of old Copenhagen on Sankt Peders Stræde you will find Väkst. It's a brand new restaurant that primarily focuses on fresh, Nordic vegetables, but they say guests can also enjoy a good steak, shellfish or whole-fried fish.

Perhaps the name Väkst (Danish word for 'growth') already implies what the restaurant hides between its walls. Built up through the two floors there is an acutal, large greenhouse with countless plants. Sitting there makes one feel like the dining table is resting in the middle of a summer garden, so the entire experience of having a meal there and socialize next to lively greenery and kind outdoor lights is quite a little adventure.

Väkst is part of a local restaurant group, Cofoco that is trying to provide relaxed, easy-going dining places and quality food. Chef Jonas Christensen stated for Supper magazine that the reason he started working at Cofoco was because he wanted to make food for everybody and Cofoco makes excellent food accessible to everyone at a fair price.

Now that sounds like something not only locals would enjoy, but tourists as well. We can't wait to go there and see what it's like in person!

For updates, you can follow Cofoco group on their Facebook profile.

Aug. 26, 2016 Living photo: Väkst

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