You read that correctly. They cultivated a meatball. And they say it tastes just like a real meatball.

We have some good news for all the people who feel genuinely sorry for the cows, but can't resist a good piece of meat. The team over at Mephis Meats from San Francisco was able to create a meatball that looks, smells and tastes like a proper meatball, but no animal had to die for us to enjoy a tasty meal. But the good news doesn't end here, oh no. In the video below you will learn that Mephis Meats' process also produces 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional agriculture.

Uma Valeti, CEO of a biotech startup Memphis Meats, says that "this is the meatball that changed the world." The guilt-free, lab-grown meatball was created from real beef cells, but does that make it a real meatball? 

Mr Valeti believes that most of the meat we'll be buying 20 years from now, will be lab-grown. So what is stopping this kind of process of 'growing meat' now? For starters, the price, which is quite unfriendly. According to Mr Valeti, a pound of Memphis Meats beef costs around $18,000 to produce. While other researchers have already found ways of creating cheaper meat, it makes us wonder what the quality of ''cheap, lab-grown meat'' will actually be like and how will it affect our health? Will it be really safe to consume?

What do you reckon - is lab-grown meat really going to replace animal agriculture? Are the production costs going to sink low enough to make it the most affordable to produce a. k. a. the cheapest to sale option out there? Share your thoughts.

Feb. 5, 2016 Living photo: Profimedia

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