Together, both cars have more than 1.500 kilowatts of power

Even though we have not seen one on the streets yet, Aston Martin Valkyrie has become a hybrid hypersports car of the year and this is not a coincidence. It is fair to say that it is an engineering masterpiece which will become one of the fastest cars on the road. People at Aston Martin are of course well aware of that and of cars popularity, so the will take this in advantage and profit on car’s fame as much as possible.

Consequently, few months after Valkyrie another similar car has been presented at Aston martin, albeit with smaller and slightly less powerful engine – again connected with an electric motor – that will also be a beat cheaper and will have a bit longer production run of 500 units being made until 2021-. They named it Valhalla, although it was initially (internally) known as the "Son of Valkyrie" and again named with a letter V being the fist letter of the name.

Now, just few days after the (already) closing Monterey car week, Aston Martin has finally decided to put both hybrids together on the same track in order to present differences and similarity between them. After all, Valhalla has ot even been presented to American buyers until now and since it is not yet sold out it was a move to be expected, that Aston Martin has prepared something special for USA. The video of the joint run could be seen in the video player above, while on the other hand we are stil waiting for the response of Amercian car enthusiasts.


Aug. 18, 2019 Driving photo: Aston Martin

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