Instead, Aston Martin DBX-based SUV is planned to be presented sooner.


Just like with any normal Car show, so has recently closed Geneva car show brought many new cars, including electric ones. Not so common is that a new car company emerges on such event. Off course, we are talking about Lagonda, new sub-brand from Aston Martin that is going to be dedicated to producing electric driven cars. It is fascinating, yet somehow expected, that Aston Martin brought this name back to life. After all, it has been around for more than a century.

Along with introduction, Lagonda also delivered its first full-scale concept, Vision Concept. However, while we were expecting it to be company's first car, arriving on the market sometime at the beginning of the next decade, unofficial news emerged today, that four-door concept will not be Lagonda's first car on the market. Instead, Lagonda is, according to Autoexpress, planning to introduce an Aston Martin DBX-based, which will most likely to be called Varekai.

The main reason, why Verkai will become Lagonda's first car has a lot to do with technology that is going to be used in Vision Concept. As seen in Geneva, this car will be equipped with 4th generation technology for autonomous driving, which may not be available by the middle of the next decade. Formerly mentioned SUV on the other hand will still require driver behind the steering wheel.

Andy Palmer, Aston Martin's CEO also used this occasion to present the future plans for both entities. By establishing a new sub-brand, company will be able to split activities between two. While Lagonda will solely focus on producing 100 per cent electric cars, Aston Martin will continue to work on petrol-driven cars that may eventually get hybrid powerplants.

March 19, 2018 Driving photo: Aston Martin

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