Newest member of Audi concept family is a living room on wheels.

The opening of the car show in Shanghai is only hours from opening, as it is announced that from opening and from time, when the first press conferences begin. Among the most interesting should be Audi's, which will present the AI:Me, a concept of an autonomous fourth generation car, which has been talked about a lot lately. It seems people at Audi cannot hide their enthusiasm, hence the decision to fully reveal the concept, the day before the opening of the saloon

As we mentioned before AI:Me is a compact minivan, with which Audi has returned to the class in which it is no longer present since the departure of the model A2, with which, even though it is 4.3 meters long and 1.9 meters wide, the concept has nothing in common. It is thus much closer to the concept of AIcon, presented in 2017, with which Audi wanted to present an autonomous vehicle, aimed at overcoming greater distances. In fact, we can mark it as a follow-up.

The Audi has devoted themselves to comfort and to the question of how to offer up to four passengers sufficient space on the relatively limited layout of the cab. This was achieved with a wheelbase of 2,77 meters, with an electric motor (only one with a power output of 125 kilowatts will be placed in the vehicle) above the rear axle. The specialty of the cabin is the placement of seats, as there are two seats fixed in the front and an additional two seats in the second row, the position of which, however, can be altered completely by the current desire and needs.

The solution referred to is just one of the elements by which AI is to become the 'third living room', as the Audi says. The interior thus dictated the shape of the outside, including the windows on the sides, reaching a few additional centimeters of width. Although wood and clean lines are predominant inside. Elements such as the steering wheel and the vehicle control pedals will be completely hidden in the autonomous mode and magnetic tray tables and serving trays will appear between the seats.

Communication between the vehicle and the driver or passengers will take place in several ways. One will be able to use voice, to use sensitive surfaces and screens (which will support even 3D-technology) and even to use vision. In addition to the cameras that monitor eye movements, there will also be the possibility of using VR glasses, through which users can access the internet or even play various interactive games. Audi have already presented a detailed display of glass’ss functions at this year's Las Vegas showroom. The idea of making the living room on wheels will be otherwise apparent in the selection of other materials in the cabin, such as corian, which was supposed to be touch especially enjoyable. AI:Me is also going to be the first car in the history, that is going to offer vegetation, placed just under glass rooftop.

On the outside, the engineers have paid special attention to the headlamps, and here we are not only aiming for their appearance. When using the car as in autonomous mode, they will serve as a way of communication with pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. This solution has also been summarized by Aicon, and this purpose will be served by all the tail lights and by the customers of the light, which will enable them to be seen within 360 degrees around the vehicle.

AI:Me-despite an elaborate vision-there is still a concept. Instead it is the third Audi concept after  AIcon and PB 18, with which Audi wanted to create electric cars with a specific function and purpose; the fourth such vehicle will be followed at the International motor show in Frankfurt in September this year, so with the presented three, as well as their upcoming brother to the Audi will instead of the general utility vehicles offer users "highly specialized cars, which will be ordered if necessary, and with the extended functionality of individualization.«

April 15, 2019 Driving photo: Audi

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