Virgin Racing is saying goodbye to French units and welcoming the German manufacturer, who in season four managed to become world champion.


News of the last week in the world of Formula-E was BMW entering the series next year. With the announcement, they have also presented their car; two of them are going to be used under the team Andretti, which has been collaborating with BMW for many years now. However, it looks like their biggest rival in the world of street cars, Audi, has now announced, they are going to strengthen their presence in the next season of Formula E, which starts on 145. Of December this year.

Yesterday Audi, which this year became the world champion among manufacturers, announced, the in the next season, they are also going to provide their drive trains to another team, Virgin Racing, which has up until now been collaborating with French manufacturer, DS. Both teams will be using Audi FE05 racecars, with the all-new Audi Schaeffler MGU03 motor-generator unit.

We are glad that in the new Formula E season together with Virgin Racing four Audi e-tron FE05 cars will fight for points and trophies. The team has been one of the key players in Formula E ever since the series was founded – both in terms of its racing performances and all off-track activities. This makes Virgin Racing’s choice of using our powertrain a particular pleasure. This confidence also confirms the excellent work that our engineers are doing together with their colleagues from our development partner Schaeffler,” said head of Audi Motorsport, Dieter Gass.



Sept. 22, 2018 Driving photo: Audi

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