Based on 7 Series it should provide some 600 kilometers of range.

Earlier this week we have been talking about BMW starting tests of iNEXT way up in the north of Sweden, at Arjeplog. This next generation electric car is going to be ready to hit the road in around two years’ time. A while ago it has also been confirmed, that BMW is working on is third electric car next to mentioned iNext and existing i3, the i4, a series 4 based coupe. But is there also a fourth electric car on the way?

Nothing has been confirmed yet but according to unofficial source from Munich, that has been talking to members of staff at there is a premium sedan on the way. If this is true it is going to be an equivalent to existing 7 series BMW.

Once and if this new car arrives on the market – it is believed that it could come along with next generation of 7 series around 2022 – it could simply be named i7. No further information has been revealed so far apart from a range which should be somewhere around 600 kilometers on a single charge. Those are the numbers, we could only wish for at the moment.

Feb. 7, 2019 Driving

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