E-Scooter is their solution for quick moves around town


Urban transport in city centers mostly focuses – besides on electric cars – on buses, bicycles and walking. However, there is yet another alternative most people do not really think of and yet it is clean, practical and best of all, fast. Furthermore, in its basic shape, most of us have driven it at least once, for fun. It is scooter and it is for a while now coming back in electric shape, also thanks to BMW, who is going to present its E-Scooter in Autumn this year.

BMW, which is going to include its new vehicle in their BMW Lifestyle collection, has teamed up with Micro (inventor of the Micro Scooter) and developed a vehicle in which, they say, managed to combine innovative technology and high-quality design. But if we go deeper in to the details: there is a lithium-ion battery, hiden in the footplate and then there is 150-watt motor, built in rear wheel. Together they can bring one 12 kilometers away with a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

BMW also likes to point out that this vehicle can also be folded and carried around, thanks to its weight of nine kilograms. The only thing missing thus is the price and we might not expect that soon. BMW has promissed to offer its City Scooter no sooner than in September this year when it is going to be available in matt black color.

May 27, 2019 Driving photo: BMW

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