Such cars would be too expensive for drivers to buy them.

Battery capacity is probably the biggest question, when it comes a question of usability of electric cars. For some reason, big part of customers would like to see electric cars having the same range as normal cars, some of which can also make more than 1.000 kilometers in one go. Those are the numbers no electric car manufacturer has yet achieved; the best of the bunch like Tesla only came about a half way there.

However, while majority of them are looking into that direction, there are others among them, who see no point in these actions. Among them is Klaus Frölich, director of development at BMW, who said, that such actions are pointless. Achieving such numbers would mean a lot bigger battery packs, which would drive the cost of cars to such dimensions, that people living in Europe would not be able to afford such cars.

In recent interview for Motoring Frölich said, that "Carmakers are playing a high risk game where they’re deliberately postponing sales of cleaner cars to maximise SUV-fueled profits." Julia Poliscanova, clean vehicles manager at T&E explains. "When it comes to the environment, carmakers only do what the law tells them to do." T&E believes they are waiting for 2020 when Europe's new CO2 standards kick. "Aided by cheaper batteries and better performance, they will have no difficulty selling them to European consumers."

It is a bold statement, considering the fact that BMW is among the leading companies in this field in Europe, which they showed in recent event of theirs, where e-mobility (including) e-motorcycles were the leading tread.

June 30, 2019 Driving

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