First cars ware going to be equipped with plugin hybrids, regular hybrids and electric cars arriving later.


Lynk & Co., Chinese based car manufacturer, which is also related with Volvo through mutual owner, company called Geely may have initially been selling their cars only on China, but lately it looks like Europe is becoming more and more important. After recent announcement, that they will start producing their cars in Belgium, in the same factory, where Volvo builds XC40, manufacturer now revealed, they European buyers will also get the option to choose, with what kind of power plant the car is going to be equipped.

The first model, that will arrive in Europe is, as we already know, going to be 01. However, not like in China, there will be no option of buying a car, equipped with internal combustion engine in Europe. Instead, all the cars will be equipped either with electric motors (BEV), hybrid power plants (HEV) or plug-in hybrids (PHEV). Initially, only plug-in hybrid is going to be available with other two arriving later. It will be capable of making 50 kilometers solely on electricity and will, when running on petrol and electricity, consume 1,7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers.

Revealing this information, Alain Visser, Senior Vice President of Lynk & Co. revealed for that this decision was a part of initial plan of the company. "Our European strategy has always been based on new technology powertrain, and the announcements here in Beijing today confirm that vision. There will be no diesel, no manual and no ICE Lynk & Co derivatives in Europe. When we commence production in 2019 and sales starting from 2020, in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and London, our range will be all about new energy. From these hubs in key cities we will also launch our pop-up stores offline tours, reaching 95% of Europe's urban population with a formidable, efficient and connected range of products based on industry leading technologies such as Drive-E and more."

April 30, 2018 Driving photo: Lynk & Co.

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