British startup company Alcraft Motor Company released details of their first product, superspot electric car Alcraft GT. They also launched crowd funding campaign which targets to bring the car on the road by 2019.

According to Alcraft Motor Company, Alcraft GT isn't just another supersport electric car, but also practical, its practicality comming from the shooting brake styled body. It can have two seats or four seats in 2+2 configuration and there's also up to 500 liters of easy accessible luggage space available behing the seats. To lower the weight of the car engineers also extensively used carbon fiber which can be visible on B pillars and the roof.

Powertrain is electric and four wheel drive. It is based on three electric motors with system power of 600 hp and torque of 1.138 NM or 840 ft lb. With such power Alcraft GT will be able to reach 100 kph in 3,5 seconds. The T-shaped battery between and behind front seats will store enough power for approximately 500 kilometers or 300 miles of pure electric drive.

Alcraft Motor Company may be a startup, but its crew is certainly not. It has been founded by businessman David Alcraft, who assembled a core team including Charles Morgan, previously of Morgan Motor Company, ex-Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders CEO Christopher Macgowan, designer Matt Humphries who also spent time at Morgan, and ex-Toyota, Daewoo and Michelin senior executive Mark Carbery. The engineering partner is Silverstone-based expert in electric drivetrains and battery systems Delta Motorsport and other partners include specialist British companies Sevcon and KS Composites with possible partners Continental for safety systems and Michelin for tyres.

Sept. 2, 2017 Driving photo: Alcraft Motor Company

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