Solarwave 62 Cruiser is capable of producing all needed energy by itself and also storing it for nighttime use.


It's possible if you want. So they say at the Swiss company Solarwave, where they are manufacturing the first series of catamarans to run on solar energy. More specifically: their product is a 20-meter catamaran that can be driven by electricity (provided by photo cells, with a generator installed as a reserve) or as a plug-in hybrid. The Solarwave Yacht has 68 square meters of solar cells that charge two separate batteries with a 21% output.

They produce enough energy during the day that the Solarwave 62 Cruiser can navigate at four knots throughout the entire night. If the batteries run out, the generator can support them, since it produces enough energy for the needs of all the energy consumers on board, as well as for driving the vessel.

The Solarwave 62 Cruiser is driven by four electric motors, and the batteries are ultralight, so that the entire boat is lightweight, only around 16 tons. Those who want to navigate at greater speed (the normal cruising speed is six to eight knots, and the maximum is ten), can use the Solarwave 62 Power version with hybrid drive (two 160 kW Volvo D3 motors, maximum speed around 20 knots), which can also navigate only on electricity. It is interesting that all the versions of this boat can work with smart electricity networks, meaning that batteries can be charged from them or even (in the marina, for instance) energy can be sent back into the grid, thus reducing overall costs. Price? A nicely-equipped version will cost you around a million and a half euros.

Aug. 10, 2015 Driving

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