It literally (almost) works like a train.

Delivering the goods on long distance is currently not primary issues when talking about clean and sustainable transport (but that does not mean, nobody is dealing with it, after all, MAN is working hard on presenting their truck, which should be here in 2021, here is also Tesla and their Semi-truck). More efforts have been put in developing solutions for so called ‘last mile’ delivery. Next in the line with their solution is Renault.

This week, Hannover is the capital of commercial vehicles and among the car manufacturers, presenting there is also Renault, one of the oldest companies in the segment, who has revealed their concept called EZ-PRO. It is an electric and autonomous vehicle specifically designed for usage in urban environment, where problems with polluted air are the worst. So how does the concept work?

To put it simply, EZ-PRO is a convoy, made by a robotized pod, that is being followed by several other robo-pods. While the first vehicle still has the ‘driver’, his role is to manage the route where the main vehicle and also all the others without the driver are going. Important part here is to know, that when they are reaching the destination, man-less vehicles, following the pod can separate from the group and make their own final deliveries, straight to the door. It is also worth noticing, that one rob-pod can deliver goods for different clients on a single journey.

“With Renault EZ-PRO, we are continuing researches on future mobility. On one hand, this concept is making new possibilities for professional users of delivery services, while on the other, it is making things easier for all the other users. It comes from Renault’s core, which puts a man in the center of all solutions,” said Laurens van den Acker, CEO of design at Renault Group.

Sept. 19, 2018 Driving photo: Renault

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