La Poste will use prototypes for urban deliveries of packages,

Today, the Paris French capital hosts the last day of the three-day event called Viva Technology dedicated to modern technology (something like the Las Vegas show in January), which has once again attracted several car names. We have already written about Citroen and their concept 19_19, in the development of which they connected with Goodyear, and a little more has taken place in Renault's space.

The oldest of the three largest French car brands has brought a lot of EV news to the salon, including an autonomous ZOE-based cab with a gullwing doors. However, if this was intended rather than to attract views, the saloon has in some way been taken over the last month introduced concept of a light electrical City truck called EZ-Flex. Renault has decided to cooperate with the French post, the La Poste group, which will use vehicles within the city centre for the delivery of parcels to the recipients.

Project for the next  two years

"How do we support the growth of e-commerce while reducing pollution in our cities and making them more attractive? This is a major challenge for La Poste. Urban logistics is a key project in our strategy and we have signed agreements with 15 cities to implement solutions adapted to each one. To lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s urban logistics, we are innovating continuously and testing new, increasingly responsible and efficient delivery modes that make life easier for our customers and delivery personnel alike. A long-standing partner of La Poste in the implementation of electric vehicle, Renault with EZ-FLEX is proposing an innovative and modular solution. Our feedback will be used to adapt light commercial vehicles to the needs of delivery staff." Philippe Dorge – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Services-Mail-Parcels, La Poste Group.

The number of vehicles that Renault will give to its newest partner has not been disclosed, but they have said that La Poste will only be one of the partners to whom they will assign prototypes. A total of 10 vehicles should Renault soon give to several entrepreneurs and municipalities across Europe, and who should then use vehicles for two years with experiences gaind durring that time helping to develop the next generation of electric vehicles.

May 18, 2019 Driving photo: Renault

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