Volkswagen and Ford adopted an agreement on cooperation in the field of future generation of light commercial vehicles a while ago. At the time when the negotiations and arrangements took place, we expected the integration agreement to be even more extensive, which was not the case at the time. Well, it looks like both sides in the future are still going to make a little more colaboration, at least in the area of self-driving cars.
The CEO of the Volkswagen thus stated today in his official statement to the public that both sides are very close to the conclusion of the negotiations. To this end, around 500 of the top Volkswagen officials should have gathered at the headquarters of the company. The cooperation of both sides will, thus, contribute to the development of autonomous and electric vehicles, and areas, which are, globally still quite open, and in which the automobile manufacturers can achieve a competitive edge.
In addition, the above-mentioned Volkswagen agreement would bring another advantage, that is, entry into the US market. There is, indeed, the mark – it is recognised in the Diess – a rather weak when one would be a stand alone expansion in this market, the more zaosternih the economic situation was very difficult. At the same time this expansion has contributed to mitigating the consequences of all of the get worse sales in China, in addition to this, however, would be by guess, speculation, the two sides can be placed at the edge of the Waymu the company under Google's umbrella, to which the united states is growing and is becoming one of the top names in the field of autonomous cars.

June 13, 2019 Driving

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