Ford has finally has finally begun electrification of its fleet and has on the recent press conference in the Netherlands also made a public presentation of some of the serial electric and electrified models, as well as concepts concepts, which will eventually become serial cars. Among them was an electric hybrid, inspired by the legendary Mustang, which received the greatest attention among the visitors. Although not a single photograph of it has been released, its should have made his public debut shortly.

More specifically, it is supposed to see the light of day this year. Such information has been revealed by the British automotive portal Autocar, adding that this year the light of the world should only be seen by a conceptual car. However, it will not bare the name of the legendary sports car, originating way back in 1960's.

There are already some technical data on the car. It is intended, among other things, to offer two battery packs, the larger pack making possible to reach little less than 600 kilometres on a single charge, and should not appear on the roads or in salons before the start of 2021. At last, when on sale, estimates for the US market indicate a price of over 36,000, or 32,000 euros. In the European markets, judging by the price of the Mustang, price could be even higher.

May 21, 2019 Driving photo: Profimedia

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