... but with the adition of 'mach-e' in the name.

Ford is soon to release the first official photos of the long-awaited Mustang-inspired SUV, which will, however (apparently) only slightly resemble of the original pony car. Still, it will wear the famous brother’s name, albeit with a twist. Instead of only being called Mustang, it will be known as Mustang mach-e. And just to make sure that it is (some kind of) a Mustnag, prancing horse will also be included in the front grill.

Debut of the car is, however only three days away. Ford decided to make it in Los Angeles and they even decided to bring some of the greatest names from show business like Idris Elba. By the way, even though the car has not been revealed yet, Ford has announced that they have already started to accept deposits for pre-orders, which however does not guarantee delivery of the vehicle. Instead this will just be a sign of intention to buy the car, which will be then available for orders some time next year.

Nov. 14, 2019 Driving photo: Ford

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