According to Autocar, Ford released more details about its new electric crossover, which will take design clues from Mustang and Explorer and may be called Mach 1.

Ford certainly does not have the final production name for crossover, but it is known, that project is codenamed CX430. A Mach 1 is more the reference for its styling, which also means, that it will be closely resemble Mustang. But Ford promises that under the outer skin electric crossover will have a modern global platform C2, which was used for new Ford Focus, and will, at least from the start, be only front wheel driven. Ford also promises more than 350 kilometers of electric drive per one charge.

There was also a mention about the time introduction of lelectric crossover in Europe. It should happen sometime around 2020.

May 23, 2018 Driving photo: Ford

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