Minister for environment in te regional government of Nordrhein-Westfalen Johannes Remmel abandoned Tesla Model S as its official vehicle, suppposedly because of inadequate reach and comfort.

As a - now actually already former - representative of Green Party, he decide to use Tesla Model S as environmentally friendly alternative to usuall limousines with internal combustion engines. Soon he regreted his decision and gave back Model S only after 43 official trips. Apparently the main reason to abandon not really small electric limousine was its lack of reach, which in was suposedly enough just for about 300 kilometers of drive. Another reason, acording to Remmel, was lack of comfort, which especially at the rear seats was below the level, german politicians are used from big official limousines.

Well, Johannes Remmel did not outlive his car at the function for long. He was already replaced by Christina Schulze Föcking, which comes from CDU party and opted for more conventional Mercedes-Benz S500e plug-in hybrid car as her official limousine.

Aug. 25, 2017 Driving photo: Tesla Motors

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