They will help doing it with their brand new electric Hyundai kona.


Car sharing is becoming quite a business today with every country or at least every major city in developed world having at least one company that provides such services. However, all of those companies are concentrated either in cities itself or at important points such as airports. This is understandable from the point of profit. Nevertheless, have Hyundai hit a jackpot, when they decided to offer their services to drivers outside of the cities, on the countryside?

Yes, Korean car manufacturer has decided to reveal its next project called VIVe. It is the first rural carsharing scheme in Spain and it is based in a small town called Campisábalos. Decision to establish it there has some logic. In fact, this is the place with the cleanest air within the whole of Spain, at least according to World health organization or WHO. Even more, it is the third least polluted town in the world! And Hyundai is determined to leave it like this.

In order to do so, they have provided its inhabitants with a brand new electric Hyundai Kona and their own electric charger. However, using the car will be completely free of charge, meaning that one will only need to download the app on their smartphone, log in and will already be eligible to use the car – that is if it is going to be available.

“[The service] pursues the authenticity of rural living and puts the technology at its centre. We have started in Campisábalos because we want its residents to continue enjoying the fresh air that has given them international recognition and, also, the silence of their streets. VIVe breaks the stereotype that innovation is incompatible with the rural world and we hope to roll out this project in other parts of Spain,” commented at the spot Elena Gris, Marketing Director of Hyundai Motor Spain



Nov. 5, 2019 Driving photo: Hyundai

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