Serial production is again looking promising.

Volkswagen has at this year's Geneva motor show as one of the main attractions presente an electric reincarnation of the legendary buggy, which is along with ID. Buzz-in (for which it has been confirmed it will go into serail production) an interesting memoir of the 1960's; times years when these vehicles were particularly popular in the United States and among hippies. And even though Volkswagen hasn't confirmed rumors of a possible arrival since, they hasn't been forgotten yet.

Quite the opposite, actually. In fact, the Volkswagen has decided to bring it to the prestigious Monterey car week a concept where thanks to local beaches it without any doubt feels quite like it is destined to be there. With moves like this, Volkswagen is openly seeking an answer as to whether or not there is sufficient interest for that vehicle. Furthermore, they add that the vehicle is fully adapted and suitable for use on beaches, all thanks to waterproof materials.

Finally, Volkswagen has also revealed essential technical data of the concpet, based on a shortened basis of the ID. 3 From the latter, an electric motor with a power output of 150 kilowatts located on the rear axle has also been taken. It will reach 250 kilometres (this is also expected to be the range of the entry-level ID. 3), thanks to the battery pack with a capacity of 62 kilowatt hours.

With all those technical informations being revealed it seems ID. Buggy is one step closer to the roads (and beaches) and we only hope it gets there in production form.

Aug. 16, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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