A glance at what Chinese buses might look like in the (near?) future.


Land Airbus by TBS Limited (a large shipping company) was to revolutionize highway travel in China. In 2013, when it was first revealed, it was still a concept transportation system, designed to hover over existing traffic lanes in the city. It would straddle the traffic lanes on rails (similar to tram),  but vehicles would be able to pass under the vehicle.  

Land Airbus could operate even when the city traffic on the streets isn't moving because of traffic jams. It could carry to up to 300 passengers, enjoying the wonderful view, as the passenger space in Land Airbus is almost entirely surrounded by windows.

According to TBS China, their concept ensures lower production costs and shorter time of construction, competitive carrying capacity and no more hours of waiting while stuck in city traffic. To top it all, it is also supposed to be safer than, let's say, the Metro.

Sadly, reports and rumours about Land Airbus have somehow died down since then, but we are hoping to soon get some news about its further develpoment. But just to remind us a little how amazing this concept would look, here's a video below to refresh your memory.

May 24, 2016 Driving photo: China TBS Limited/YouTube Screengrab

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