Lynk&Co announced its new model for Europe in Amsterdam. Lynk&Co 02, in contrary to the name, is actually the third model of the brand.

Lynk&Co 02 will be sold as a crossover SUV and, as the name suggests, will seat between sedan Lynk&Co 03 and a full fledged SUV Lynk&Co 01 and will, according to the words of company's senior vice president Alain Visser said, be the most youthful model of the brand when it finally comes to European roads in 2020. They pointed out, that in the beginning they will focus only on electric hybrid powertrains.

Before company has to establish offline "brand boutiques" which will replace traditional dealerships and will be at the beginning arranged in Amsterdam, Barcelona. Berlin, Brussels and London, but eventually should come to every European capital. There will also be twenty mobile stores, which will cater to the new service model, which will allow for those interested in the car to purchase it or just subscribe to use it in a car-sharing scheme.

Lynk&Co also announced, that they will produce car in an existing Ghent plant, which is owned by partner company Volvo.

March 27, 2018 Driving photo: Lynk&Co

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