And they are already on the market.

According to many automotive experts and manufacturers themselves, plug-in hybrids are a key turning point on the road to the switch-over to electric cars. As a result, manufacturers that are already offering purely electric cars, will pay more attention to spreading out hybrid cars. One such brand is also Mercedes-Benz soon, even before the oncoming car show in  gtiztabdut only under the front bonnet). In Stuttgart, two new cars have now been presented, model A and model B.

Class A cars will be available in both limousine and hatchback version have thus been designated 250 e, but this does not mean that the petrol engine will be a two-litre unit. Instead, the Mercedes was took a weaker, 1,3-litre petrol engine with the power output of 118 kilowatts combined with a 75 kilowatt electric motor. The total system power will thus be 160 kilowatts, which is already slightly closer to the figures produced by 250, but with much lower consumption and release of toxic gases.

Combined with the electric motor, car will on 100 kilometers only use between 1,4 and 1,6 litres of fuel, while solely on electric, it will be able to drive between 70 and 77 kilometers. However those results are based on the old cycle, the NEDC, (even if it is the new standard of the WLTP into effect almost a year ago). In reality an electric range of up to 50 kilometres is more realistic. It will also reach a solid top speed: 140 kilometres per hour.

Simplified payment method

In both cars, in the Class A and B, Mercedes also provided for appropriate charging solutions. In addition to the classic outlet at home or Wallbox, it will be possible to charge the cars on the chargers of over 300 different providers across Europe and to authorise or pay all of them through the Mercedes me Charge service

Even thou they have just been revealed, the pair of new plug-in hybrids with whom it continues to expand the supply of electrified vehicles (which should already be on the list by the end of 2020), are already available for ordering. A 250 e and a 250 e limousine, with an initial price of EUR 36.945,33 and the 19% value added tax applied in Germany, are already available to the first purchasers, While only 360 EUR more expensive Class B is expected to join them in the coming weeks.

Aug. 20, 2019 Driving photo: Mercedes-benz

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