At this point details remain to be unclear, cylinder loss is expected


The time has come. After presentation of mild hybrid version of CLS with nomenclature 53 AMG, Mercedes Benz is at last going into the world of regular hybrid cars among their most powerful models, badged with the name AMG. Details remains scarce so far but what this most likely means is that C 63, AMG, in the current generation equipped with 4.0 V8 turbo engine might lose a cylinder or two.

"We have to be creative and I'm chasing performance and that's not strictly linked to the number of cylinders, "said AMG's first man Tobias Moers for Car Advice on recent presentation of C-class's midlife facelift presentation on car show in New York. He then continued: "For sure the next-generation Mercedes-AMG C 63 will be a hybrid – that's now a given."

The main reason for this decision at AMG are severe restriction in European Union that car manufacturers, especially those, who are producing powerful sport cars are facing recently. So what is there for C 63 AMG? First of all, we can probably expect next generation after the year 2020. Until then, it will stay as it is. Next, when it will finally be presented, there will most likely me an inline six cylinder engine, paired with an electric motor replacing mentioned V8. What will the power output be? For now it is too early to say, but probably north of 550 horsepower.

April 2, 2018 Driving photo: Daimler AG

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