Tesla has with Model 3 expanded from prestigious vehicle manufacturer, to a manufacturer, that also offers affordable cars and thus offered its vehicles to slightly less wealthy customers. It has, of course, not done so without some compromises, including in the selection of the materials from which the cars are made. If both the X and S models consist of aluminium, steel has also been used for Model 3. This is where the problems are also occurring.

From Finland comes the video recorded by Joni Savolainen, a computer programmer, who has on 29th of March this year recieved his Model 3. However, even though it is a new car for which he has paid around $ 45,000 (40,000 euros), he began to detect the first body problems after one month. On 29th in April, he began to notice that the paint on the vehicle is fading on some parts, which is due to a lack of application. The Tesla agent reacted to the complaint by stating that such injuries or defects were not covered by the guarantie. Although the measurements have shown that the colour on these vehicles is extremely thin, in some parts up to 50 per cent thinner than with competition, poor design of the vehicle also added up to the problem. There is, for example, an impact of rocks from under the wheels on the track and the edges of the mudguards, which further helps to exfoliate.

However, from April to now, the problems have only escalated. A few days ago, Savolainen made a new video showing not only disappearing colors, but also areas where the robots at Fremont didn't even apply it. Most of this is around the areas around the bottom of the door. At the same time, he noted that his car , the specifically at the lower edge of the door, and the thresholds, were also experiencing rust problems, as a result of the abovementioned use of steel, which, on top of everything, appears to be poorly protected.

Well, the rust problem with the Tesla Model 3 is definitely not new. In particular, from the northern countries – particularly in Canada, where, due to the sharp winters on the roads, more salt – the owners of these cars reported problems with the brown bodywork parts last year, but they have not yet decided to act on this matter in the management of the Tesla brand.

Aug. 7, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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