So far, not even Tesla has the answer, why this is happening or how to fix it.

System, that helps to regenerate excess braking force and then turns it in to electric power, ultimately helping to extend car’s range is now, when batteries are still not as powerful as one would wish one of the essential parts of most of electric cars. It would thus be very inconvenient, if the system would stop working for no particular reason, but that is just what has happened to the owner of Tesla Model 3.

The reason for such occurrence is quite bizarre actually and it goes down to the tires. Owner of particular vehicle has found out, that once he switched from summer tires to a set of winter rubber, system’s performance would drop by about 50 per cent. Even more interesting is the fact, that this happened with heated-up battery and in temperature over 0 degrees Celsius.

Once the surprised owner published the problem on the Youtube, more unsatisfied owners came out, reporting that they also have the similar problems. Some even reported, that performance of the system dropped more than 50 percent. What do all cars affected by this problem have in common? They are all the cheaper, single-motor, rear-wheel driven versions of the car. Supposedly, Tesla is already on the move to fix the problem.

Nov. 14, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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