Cancellation was made because of malfunctions at production.

Not long ago we have written about poor quality of production, quite a few customers have noticed. In particular, they have noticed, that some parts were not even painted, while others had a coat of paint so thin, that it has actually started to peel only few months after delivery. Furthermore, they have even reported problems, related to rusting of body panels. Tesla on the other hand did not really bother with the list of complains that kept growing.

Unlike Tesla though, customers did take notice of all those complains. And not just private buyers, even companies, who were also facing severe problems with the quality of the cars. Among them was also Nextmove, Germans largest electric car rental, who at the end of the last year order a total of 100 Tesla Model 3s. First vehicles were then delivered at the beginning of spring 2019 and after that problems begun.

15 vehicles were initially delivered to Nextmove, but only one in four was without any defect, while some were not even roadworthy. After complaint, Tesla has then decided to cancel the delivery of the rest of the 85 vehicles. Among the problems were ‘defective tires, paint and body damage, defective charge controller, wrong harnesses or missing emergency call buttons', problems that might cause some serious safety hazards.

Nextmove also reports, that this is not the first time, they had quiality issues with Tesla vehicles. For instance, they once had to wait for two years to get a new seat for Tesla Model X, or three months for a new fender for Model 3. Nextmove and its CEO, Stefan Moeller though still thinks, Tesla should get another chance, but it seems that incidents like this will bring the company into serious trouble.

Aug. 17, 2019 Driving photo: Nextmove

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