Synaptic's technologies are coming into cars, too.

The manufacturer, known for its HID (Human Interface Device) products and technologies, which incorporate screens, touch and biometrics, has revealed how they are moving into the automotive industry.

With a series of already existing and adapted technologies, Synaptic enables the owner of the vehicle to enter the car without the classic key or a remote key – the owneronly has to place his or her finger on the car door lock. The technology enables the use of biometric sensors in several parts of the vehicle; for engine start, on the steering wheel, when using entertainment, while its function is also to prevent theft of the vehicle. Synaptic revealed they have been approached by numerous car manufacturers, especially because of the experiencein the HID segment. The company is focused on developing new solutions, which will provide easier access to the vehicle through biometric sensors, and on the segment of touch screens, etc.

Dec. 19, 2015 Driving photo: Synaptic

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