Two and a half year untill it will hit the streets.

Renaut has quite a while presented the initial version of its first fully electric car, ZOE. However, while it has been on the market for more time than most cars on the market, one would expect from Renault, that it will prepare an entirely new car. However, thing were not like this few months ago, when instead of presenting second generstion of, we have only seen a heavily modified current version.

However, will it is in essence quite old, it is still very popular in Europe. And it may even attract some new buyers if Renault's latest pan gets realised. After presenting a fully functional one-off sporty, two-seater version of ZOE, Renault is now actively preparing a production verson of a sport ZOE.

“Society is changing so fast. We need to find a way to make passion of performance cars socially acceptable. I believe Renault is best placed to find that way because of our history as a leader in EVs and one of the historic players in performance cars,” said Ali Kassaï Koupaï, Executive Vice President, Product Planning and Programs at Renault.

New version of the car will also become the first 'tuned' version of any affordable EV, making it attractive to buyers in the search of such car. Still, some time to wait for its presentation will need to pass. After all, Renault is planning to release it by May 2022.

Oct. 31, 2019 Driving photo: Renault

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