Highly awaited electric car of Croatian origin the Rimac Concept Two, represents a new major step in the development of the company, and in comparison to its predecessor. Comparing both it will be much more efficient, much more expensive – it will cost about two million euros – and it will also be produced in slightly bigger numers. 150 vehicles will be made, and every one of them has already found their customers six months before the sale starts. However, there are still many things to be done before production begins, including obtaining an approval for a car.

Obtaining homologation is a process through which each new car must go, covering a range of tests, including rash tests. And even though computers can now very realistically recreate collisions, real test are still necessary, and the costs of this type of collisions are also essential. They are, of course, by no means small, especially when it comes to such valuable and rare cars as Concept Two, where their small size makes them feel such costs even more so.

Therefore there is quite a few people under a great deal of stress at Rimac company in Croatia, because they are crash-testing prototypes of this vehicle. However, if comparable car manufacturers normally produce one or two prototypes for this purpose, they have been manufactured, according to the owner and the founder of the company, Mate Rimac,  as many as 30 and most will then be involved in crashes-several times! At the same time, it should be noted, of course, that they will not be ully built like production car as each of them will be dedicated to a single set of tests, as demonstrated by the short video produced by the company yesterday. You can see that in embeded player, while the whole video of testing is soon going to be revealed.

On the other hand, from now on money will be not be a problem anymore. In fact, given the increasing resources allocated to the development of electric cars by Porsche, German company decided to purchase a 15,5% stake in the Croatian company. In total, they have already increased their share to 25.5%, with great potential for both on the one hand and on the other. Rimac is to become one of the major suppliers of the component parts of the vehicle, at the same time, however, an exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of battery assemblies, electric motors and other components is expected tp be established.

Porsche is not the only one who sees potential in Rimac. In May, 90 million dollars, or around 80 million euros, were also invested in the company by Hyundai-Kia and, for a little longer, the company has been working with Aston Martin and some other automobile brands. Such cooperation and financial contributions will, of course, increase the reputation of companiy in the future and also the size of production of both components and vehicles.

Sept. 6, 2019 Driving photo: Rimac

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