Twenty-one ŠKODA trainee engineers from the ŠKODA Academy in Mladá Boleslav, designed and built the fourth apprentice car since 2014. The new electric buggy with no roof and no doors was given the name ŠKODA ELEMENT.


The name of the concept buggy that was being developed for over 1,500 hours by 17- and 18-year-old students bears two meanings. 'E' stands for 'electric powertrain' or 'electricity', while the Element stands for the elementary and fundamental drive system of the future – e-mobility.

Element is based on the ŠKODA CITIGO, but instead of petrol engine, it features an electric motor with a 60 kW power output. Students - among them body painters, car electricians, body makers, motor mechanics and logistics specialists -  also removed the roof and fully redesigned the side and the rear part of the vehicle. The boot was fitted with a lid and the passenger cabin was redeveloped to feature only two shell-like seats. 

The revamping process was of course a very demanding task, during which the students were able to learn to work as a team, practised their technical and organisational skills, and experienced what it means to have to manage with a set budget.

June 24, 2017 Driving photo: Škoda

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