South Korean SUV specialist is presenting a new electric concept car with focus on autonomic drive.

SsangYong might not be among the most popular car brands in Europe, yet it is worth paying attention to. Its quirky design may or may not appeal to some, but it is impossible to say, that it is not interesting. Design however is not the reason we are writing about this particular brand. What drew our attention is announcement of a brand new electric concept, company is planning to present on the upcoming car show in Geneva.

Since mentioned car is still in concept phase, it does not yet have a proper name; instead, it is recognized as an e-SIV. With the length of 4,46 meters, height of 1,63 meters and measuring 1,87 meters in width it can be classified as a C-segment SUV. So why is there SIV instead of SUV in the name? While SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, SIV is a term, made by SsangYong and stands for Smart Intelligent Vehicle. By that, Koreans want to emphasis cars smart built-in interface, which will also enable autonomous driving.

Beside quite a few drawings of the prototype, few of the most important technical data has also been revealed by the company. For instance, we already know that there will be only one electric motor under the hood with a total output of 140 kilowatts. It will propel the car to a top speed of 150 kilometers. Which is not a lot, but then again, SsangYong cars were newer really among the fastest. What is more fascinating is car's range. It will be able to make up to 450 kilometers on a single charge with fast charging mode filling the battery pack to 80 per cent in 50 minutes.

Jure Šujica

Feb. 21, 2018 Driving photo: Newspress

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