New technical details about the car has also been revealed, including car's range.

Few weeks ago, Volkswagen announced the arrival of their first electric car, I.D. in 2020 and that the company is already preparing to start the production so it would be as smooth as possible. This includes selecting suppliers of parts, establish timing and so on. Now it has also been revealed, that even though the car is about to hit the streets in the beginning of 2020, Volkswagen will start producing first examples in November 2019.

In addition, when talking about sales plans, it seems that Volkswagen is being quite optimistic. They are planning to sale at least 100.000 cars annually from 2020, despite the fact, that I.D. will not even be available for North Americans customers, since they will get I.D. CROZZ SUV. According to the report of Autocar, they are planning to achieve this with 'affordable pricing'.

I.D.'s next advantage will be its space. It will be a bit longer, wider and higher than Golf, yet smaller than Passat. Even though, it will provide as much interior space as the later. Smaller dimensions should come in handy in cities, since it's turning circle will only measure 9,9 meters and while it's top speed will exceed 160 kilometers per hour, car should have an autonomy between 400 and 600 kilometers according to the NEDC standard.

Jure Šujica
Photo: Volkswagen

Feb. 10, 2018 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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