Price range cars are going to cost between 30-40.000 euros with any subsadiries excluded. Volkswagen is already accepting orders for limited-edition 1st edition.

Unattractive, overpriced, too short range ... are just some of the reasons many drivers still use today when the subject comes to the question of buying electric cars. Although most of these have recently been discarded by some of the most prestigious car manufacturers. Now, useful electric cars are becoming increasingly accessible to ordinary car buyers of medium-and lower-middle-price range vehicles. An important step in this sphere will be taken in the near future by the Volkswagen with the ID family and the ID model.3. In fact, the latter one is from today on available for orders.

ID (short of 'intelligence design') will be a family of vehicles within the Volkswagen portfolio, which will offer customers exclusively electric cars. In the decade to follow, the number of its ID-cars will increase by 20 new models according to Jürgen Stackmann, a member of the board of Directors of the brand responsible for Sales, after sales and marketing. In their development, Volkswagen is expected to allocate nine billion euros, and in ten years 10 million vehicles are expected to hit the road.

ID.3 thus carries a great burden, but it seems it may easily deal with. Because Volkswagen has given it a great intro because it is their most CO2-neutral car. Thus, in production itself, they have already reduced the emissions of harmful emissions to the lowest possible level and will generate electricity for its production from renewable sources.

"With ID.3 after the Beetle and Golf, the third great chapter of strategic importance begins in the history of our brand. With an ID.3 we will bring electric mobility closer to the broad masses. WITH ID.3 we will electrify Europe first and soon afterwards with other E-models from the ID family otther regions of the world," Stackmann said.

ID.3 will initially be available to customers with these battery pack sizes offering capacity 45, 58 and 75 kilowatt hours, whereby the middle-range version Volkswagen predicts might be the most popular. According to the WLTP standards, this should allow up to 420 kilometers of electric range, and it is expected that in reality this should be sufficient for at least 300 kilometers, and quite possibly even more. In the version with the largest battery pack, it should be able to run up to 550 kilometers in one charge.

However, just today, Volkswagen has already started collecting orders for the purchase of onn selected 29 countries with the first series of vehicles named 1st edition being available in only 30,000 specimens. Even the basic versions will be packed with rich equipment, such as navigation system and voice management. Slightly better equipped implementation of the 1st edition Plus this will add an additional system of smart headlamp-IQ, and with two-tone exterior, while top of the range version Max will be equipped with a large panoramic glass roof and prohector screen with rich reality. Buyers of 1st edition cars will also be able a top of everything, to fill vehicles free for the first year on VW’s Ionity chargers.

For the pre-order vehicles – the production should start at the end of the year so after the official September presentation in Frankfurt – a 1.000 euros deposit will be needed but prices should be kept between 30.000 and 40.000 euros. This amount, however, does not include any benefits most countries may offer, which means that actually price should be even lower and somewhere areound VW’s Golf with most desirable 110 kilowatt diesel and DSG gearbox. Volkswagen's forecasts of over 100,000 vehicles to be sold annually are therefore absolutely correct.

May 8, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen, Dušan Lukič

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