To make electric cars even more sensible, Volkswagen is planning to introduce a new and affordable charger for households.


After all the fuzz about Volkswagen's upcoming family of electric cars, the I.D., we tend to forget about its current fleet of electric cars. Well, Volkswagen did not and neither did its buyers, especially about their 'classic' car, Golf, which is also available in the form of electric car, called e-Golf. In fact, e-Golf was the bestselling battery-electric car West-European markets in January 2017. Which is more than respectable, considering this is its main market.

Another perspective on those results recently offered VW chairman Herbert Diess, who recently spoke to Autocar: "Our electric vehicle sales were three times more popular in 2017 than 2016 and the e-Golf nearly sold out, so it's clear customers are willing to switch to EVs once the price is right." Sales of e-Golf were also good overseas so the car is practically sold out, which according to Volkswagen shows, that people are getting more and more interested in electric cars.

With all the hype around electric cars, Volkswagen is now planning to enter into the world of electric chargers. Those will, according to Diess be small enough to put on the wall of an average house and with a price of 300 euros also cheap enough for an average household to buy one. With that, having a personal electric charger on the hose, every time one needs it, there is just another reason for owing an electric powered car.

March 21, 2018 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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