A milestone has been set at 86.50 mph (139.21 kmh).

Athlete Usain Bolt is very fast. His legs can reach speeds of almost 28 mph. Cyclists are even faster. But there also exists a vehicle, where the human acts as the motor, achieving speeds you've never even deemed possible.

Just a couple of days ago, Aerovelo's Eta (named after the Greek symbol for efficiency), which was driven by Dr. Todd Reichert, broke the Human Powered Speed Record. It reached a top speed of 85.71 mph (137.93 kmh). Record was set in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Already the next day, on 18 September, a new record was set at 86.50 mph (139.21 kmh). But they thought they could do better. The following day, another milestone was set at 86.65mph (139.45kmh).

Previous record holder was Sebastiaan Bowier from the Human Power Team Delft - in 2013 he set it at 83.13 mph.

Eta looks like an aerodynamical, egg-shaped bike that is made of lightweight carbon fibre frame surrounded by a carbon-honeycomb sandwich shell.

Sept. 22, 2015 Driving photo: Aerovelo

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