Remember the good old days when we listened to the radio while we were busy doing other things?


The console radio used to be the centerpiece of household entertainment. Nowadays that spot is taken by the smartphone. While this device came into our lives with a lot of magic new features, it also lost some charm along the way, so that is why Vlad Butucariu and Irina Shapiro created an Amplio - Bamboo iPhone amplifier. "We have a passion for sustainable and ergonomic design while aiming to bring to life desirable, long lasting and fun to use products," they said.

Amplio is fast and easy to use. Just pick your favourite music, place your smartphone into the top docking slot and you're ready to go. That's it, enjoy your music loud and clear. No settings, no buttons or cables. The problem with all normal phone accessories is that they need... well, electricity. They need to be charged, plugged, waited for, and just when you need them they don't work. With Amplio you'll never have any of these issues because all it needs is your smartphone.

Amplio is made from bamboo, an impressive plant known for growing faster than trees and used in many cultures for traditional musical instruments and of course, it is portable. Wherever you go, it can go too, because it's compact and light. You can keep using Amplio for as long as you want as its construction fits many smartphones and charging cables.

Like it? You can support it on Kickstarter for 45 € (early bird) or 69 €.

Nov. 23, 2015 Living photo: Amplio

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