Facebook is now offering experimental support for using Facebook over Tor via the Orbot proxy app for Android devices, meaning you can use Facebook on your phone without leaving any digital trails.

Popularly known as Tor, the onion router network allows users to browse internet while remaining completely anonymous. Instead of making direct connections, data is sent through a series of virtual tunnels, providing security and protecting the identity of its users.

Without compromising their privacy, users of the Tor network (a group of volunteer-operated servers) can keep websites from tracking them. They are also able to connect to online sites and services that are otherwise blocked by their local Internet providers. It, for example, allows mobile customers in restricted places like China and Iran to connect to Facebook.

Among many other things, users can also use Tor for socially sensitive communication, for example in chat rooms and web forums for rape and abuse survivors, or people with illnesses. Due to its anonymity, Tor is also often used by hackers and those requiring secure communication due to their specific line of work, such as journalists exchanging information with whistleblowers.

Currently, Tor can be used by Android users and so far, no support for iOS has been mentioned. iPhone and iPad users are, however, still able to access Facebook using, for example, The Onion Browser.

Jan. 22, 2016 Living photo: Facebook Screenshot

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