If leaked images are anything to go by, Galaxy A8 will feature a metal frame and it will be incredibly thin, despite being overall larger than Galaxy Note 3.

The word on the street is that Samsung is soon releasing its slimmest ever smartphone. Supposedly, the Galaxy A8 will only be 5, 9 millimeters thick. It will feature an interesting 5.7-inch high-resolution 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED display, boasting with two cameras; a 16MP rear- and a 5MP front-facing camera.

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is said to be driven by an octa-core S615 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM. The A8 is furthermore speculated to be powered by a large 3050mA battery inside the all-metal body that may weigh only 140 grams. It is supposed to include 16GB of built-in storage and a microSD card slot. There is also much talk of the A8 being equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

We sadly have no information on what the price might be, nor when it is supposed to be officially announced or launched, but the leaked images seem to be fairly accurate, so the real deal shouldn't be too far off.

June 18, 2015 Living photo: Nowhereelse.fr

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