Typing on this thing must be a dream! Check out that hardwood body, mechanical switches & custom-sculpted keycaps!

With a new design that promises comfortable typing for all who live off it like for example programmers, journalists, bloggers, and writers, here comes Model 01, the best keyboard they could create, say designers Kaia Dekker and Jesse Vincent. 

Model 01 (230mm x 360mm x 25mm) consists of two blocks of solid maple with highly tactile mechanical keyswitches (similar to the original Apple II ones). Each of the 64 individual lack-painted, laser engraved keycaps was custom-sculpted to perfectly fit your running fingers. Its default key layout is based on QWERTY, however something is different. The keys are aligned in columns which is what makes them easier to reach and makes typing more comfortable for the fingers.

Also, both parts of the keyboard are angled, so you're able to keep your wrists in a more natural, neutral position to avoid the otherwise common wrist pain and MSDs, or Musculo-skeletal Disorders, that derive from repetition, localized pressure, or holding your wrist in the same position without breaks.

It's easy to adjust and customize, depending on your hands and type of work you do. Adding to interesting looks is also an independently programmable RGB LED underneath each and every key on the keyboard, so the Model 01 can glow and do customizable little light shows (but LEDs can also be turned off if you like). Also, customers can choose their preferred keycap style - from QWERTY labels, blank labels to "dot" labels for maximum LED shine through.

Model 01 is compatible with OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS (Limited LED support with phones and tablets).

Model 01 was very successfully crowdfunded on July 15, 2015, however since they had to look for another manufacturer in the meantime, the keyboard can even today be pre-ordered here for $ 329.00 with free US shipping and new orders shipped in Q2 2017.

April 13, 2017 Living photo: Keyboardio

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