A perfect writing tool for a modern writer with nostalgic fingers.

Inspired by typewriters, lofree is a wireless mechanical keyboard that is retro and elegant. Additionally, Lofree is the only mechanical keyboard which comes with your familiar Apple Magic keyboard layout. It features Gateron Blue switches that make your typing on those lovely spherical round keycaps sound as if it was coming from a typewriter. It may sound 'old', but its looks are quite contemporary - available in fresh, lively colours it also comes with three backlight settings, so you can always see the letters clearly, no matter how dark it gets around you. For increased stability, more comfort and precision, designers from New York created the keyboard with a 6 degree angle - perfect for typing.

Using a quick switch on the side of the keyboard, Lofree can work in either wireless (via Bluetooth) or wired mode and it can be paired up with up to three devices at the same time. It is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.

It is very compact, hence easily portable, so you can take it to a cafe of anywhere else, where you might want to finish your work. The battery is said to last 4 times longer than traditional ones, but Lofree's go time has been optimized even further with the auto-sleep mode.

If you wish to own one, head over to Indiegogo - you can still get one here at an early bird offer for $79 (excl. shipping). 

April 2, 2017 Living photo: lofree

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