This will lift up your spirits! Quite literally.


Created by Joel Paglione, here comes the Levitating CUP - one piece of drinkware that will surely leave your guests not only entertained and less thirsty, but also completely in awe! In many cultures around the world, high-end drinking is part of a local tradition. But as times change and technology progresses, now is the right moment for something new and exciting.

The Levitating CUP consists of two parts, a cup and a metallic base that employs "Electromagnetic Suspension" to keep the drinks floating in mid-air, explains the designer. While the cup doesn't in any way affect your beverage of choice, it does make it more appealing in a very unique way. It comes in two variants - a wired version, which requires the base to be plugged in to a power outlet, and a completely chargeable wireless option, which can also be used portably.

You can also use various bases and cups interchangeably, as all cups work on all bases. To choose from, there is a levitating coctail cup, a levitating beer cup, a levitating coffee cup and a levitating dessert cup - all created from ultra-lightweight yet very durable faux-glass. You can also opt for a levitating plate or even a levitating pillow!

On Indiegogo, the project raised $62,423 USD total funds (124% funded). The production of the floating drinkware is expected in October 2016, when shipping is also scheduled. You can order yours here or get updates on Facebook.

LevitatingCUP, the World's first gravity defying drinkware from Oak Bottle on Vimeo.

Aug. 23, 2016 Living photo: Joel Paglione

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