Five-piece, hand-made, wooden appetizer rests are the product of a 400-year old Japanese craft firm, Magewappa.


Unique in every sense of the word. Japanese food looks good by itself, and if we set it on a well-designed piece, it reaches new dimensions. The oshibori was originally created as a place-setting for warm face towels, but now it can also be used to serve appetizers of all shapes and sizes.

Each oshibori piece is comprised of just one slice of cedar wood, skillfully curved into the shape of a small wave. These will certainly not go unnoticed at the table. It is painstakingly created by thinly shaving perfectly straight-grain cedar wood, and attaching it to carefully selected Sakura wood slices (Japanese cherry blossom). The final product is remarkably lightweight, and has a soft natural scent that gloriously supplements Japanese food and drinks – especially sushi and sake. A good impression on your guests is guaranteed.

May 12, 2015 Living photo: Magewappa

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