Inspired by natural wood: these handmande Japanese wooden headphones promise high clarity, 'crisp & clear' audio and sustainable design!


Knowing that wooden instruments create some of the most mesmerizing sounds on Earth, designers at Konohazuk design studio (led by Yuki Iida and Yuka Matsuzaki) created a unique set of wooden headphones - quite literally unique, as wood grain is as unique as a fingerprint, so each pair they make is truly a special one.

The Konohazuk series H3 headphone set is of the finest Japanese quality. Using natural and earth-friendly materials, the product has a very limited impact on the environment. The H3's body is made of Japanese beech wood that, according to a former Pioneer audio expert and award winning Japanese designer Yuki Iida, maximizes musical sounds. 

With its minimal design, the headphone set is simple, yet very elegant, flexible and comfortable to wear, also thanks to very soft ear pads. On the inside, the finely tuned, enhanced 40mm speaker driver creates a balanced, natural sound, while on the outside the ear cups offer proper noise isolation, minimizing the surrounding noise. It weighs 145 grams and has a 1.2-meter-long cord.

Estimated price is $300, but if you head over to their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, you will be able to secure a pair for 30-50% less.

April 22, 2016 Living photo: Konohazuk

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