We use USB cables every single day. It's something that we almost can't live without – they charge our phones, transfer files, connect printers and scanners... But tnow it's time for a change, a time to bring the consumers a new kind of micro USB cable. One that is more durable and above all - reversible!

Founded in 2012, Winnergear has quickly made its name as an innovator in cutting edge mobile phone accessories, developing Winnergear car mount and waterproof phone skins. The MicFlip Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable is their latest cutting-edge product.

In an attempt to crowdfund the MicFlip, featuring an ultra-strong braided nylon lead, a robust aluminum shell and gold plated plugs to prevent corrosion, the company turned to Indiegogo to raise $6,000, but so far, enthusiastic supporters already contributed over $150,500! The demand is obviously very high. 

With MicFlip - available in 20 cm, 100cm or 200 cm variants -, smartphone owners can connect their next generation devices in any direction. Users are able to seamlessly insert it at any angle, risking no damages to components that occur from accidently forcing standard micro USB plugs in the wrong direction. Those who wish to maximize charge time and efficiency, this will be a very friendly technological addition - MicFlip just put a stop to searching for specific connectors, because ports don't always match. 

The MicFlip cable will work with all standard micro USB devices such as smartphones, powerbanks, wearables, earphones, speakers and more. It won't fail you and it will outlast all your other USB cables. You can get yours here.

April 11, 2016 Living photo: Winnergear

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