The Nikola Tesla exhibition is coming to Cankar Hall Ljubljana. Opening 11th of April. 

The Nikola Tesla exhibition, held within the scope of the Art Science Technology series, will not only deal with life and work of this great man but also with the history of some important scientific and technological ideas, with problems of creativity and innovation and especially with interrelations among technology, culture and education in our modern civilisation.

The exhibition will consist of several thematic units shown in combination with the following exhibits: multimedia information boards, models of inventions, working, interactive, 3D-digital models, etc.

The project is being developed in cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Concept by Branimir Jovanović, Museum Director and author of Tesla's World of Miracles.

An ingenious scientist, engineer, inventor and discoverer of natural principles and laws, Nikola Tesla (1856, Smiljan – 1943, New York) received European education and spent most of his life in the USA, where he realised his numerous patents – altogether he registered around 300 patents in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering. The significance of some of his innovations lies in their global character and universal application. In 1900 he wrote and published Problem of Increasing Human Energy, a study in which he exposed some of the issues that humankind will face in the near future, and suggested specific solutions.

April 7, 2016 Living photo: Wikipedia

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