Would you care to find out how fit you actually are? Or perhaps, if you are under severe stress, yet you don't even realize it? Sony gives you SmartBand 2 - a small gadget, measuring your pulse and stress level.


SmartBand 2 is an activity-tracking wristband, equipped with sensors that constantly monitor all your movements (like walking, running, sleeping or swimming) and even your sleep to give insights about your "fitness, well-being, and stress levels". The device is capable of automatically detecting, when you snooze off and when it is the perfect time to wake you up – yes, it features a smart alarm clock, but unlike your traditional one, SmartBand 2 does not make you want to smash it silly. It wakes you up gently by vibrating.

SmartBand 2 does not have any display. Instead, vibrations and three flashing LEDs will make sure you never miss on any incoming calls, text messages, emails or tweets. You can also use it to control playback of your favorite songs on your smartphone or tablet. If you happen to misplace your mobile device, SmartBand 2 will notify you – but only, if you are located more than 10 meters away from the connected device.

The device has a durable silicone casing and offers two days of battery life from 1 hour and 15 minutes of charging time. It is protected against fine dust particles and water in compliance with the IP68 standard, which means you'll do ok, until you decide to dunk it like a doughnut over 3 meters deep. You can wear it practically anywhere at any time, even using it as a practical fashion accessory. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices (not with iPads, though), running on Android version 4.4 or later and iOS 8.2 for iPhone 4s.

At launch, SmartBand 2 will be available in white and black, but you will later be able to choose your strap in pink or indigo as well. Since the upcoming model is keeping its predecessor's 'core', the main unit can be paired with the original strap or straps, developed by other designers. It goes on sale sometime in September and you will be able to purchase it in over 60 countries all over the world for around 119 euros.

Aug. 25, 2015 Living photo: Sony

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