The first trials on 25 men are set to take place within the next few weeks.


From vasectomies to the male contraceptive pill, there have been many attempts to shift the burden of birth control burden onto men. But now times has changed - German's company believe that they have the solution - a 'switch' to stop sperm from reaching the penis. Can contraception really be that simple? Yes! It can. With just a push of a button, everything is taken care of.

The implant, which is radiolucent, biocompatible, durable and completely safe for people with allergies, measures 1.8 cm and is fitted under local anaesthetic in 30 minutes. The valve is designed to divert the flow of sperm back to the man's testicles, making him temporarily infertile. The Bimek SLV is implanted in its open state. After the valve is closed there will still be sperm cells present in your ejactulatory fluids for up to 3 months or about another 30 ejactulations.According to Bimek, you won't feel it, you may even forget you're wearing it.

It works almost like vasectomies, just that the spermatic duct valve can be opened by the wearer at any time so the fertility is restored, whereas vasectomies cannot always be reversed. And the costs? With surgery around 5.000 €. Dear men of the world, are you ready to turn your fertility OFF? Or maybe ON?

Bimek SLV - The New Contraception for Men from Bimek SLV on Vimeo.

Jan. 11, 2016 Living photo: Bimek SLV

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